Smith Elite Sunglasses

  • U.S. Army Authorized Protective Eyewear Approved (APEL)
  • MIL SPEC rated lenses
  • ANZI Z87.1  - meets and exceeds
  • Lifetime Warranty

We're proud now to be able to offer the Elite collection of eyewear from Smith Optics, a range of eyewear specifically designed for military and law enforcement. Protection and functionality are unparalleled.

Its seems that everyone now wants to tag a product as 'tactical' because it sounds cool and sells but the reality is most don't live up to the expectations such a word brings. Your not going to get that with the Elite collection from Smith. Why? Read on.


First thing you should know about Smith Elite is that each product, particularly the googles and shields etc are designed with principles based on the military’s Human Systems Integration (HSI) process. HSI is essentially the relationship between a human and their environment and how systems interact with both. To you and I this means your eyewear will work when you need it most in any environment.


Not much point in protective eyewear if it doesn't protect and the first thing you should be concerned about is the material used for the lenses. Smith Elite sunglasses use premium grade polycarbonate in their tactical core lenses and a proprietary polymer in their tactical lifestyle lenses. Everything from impact resistance, optical quality, fog time, abrasion resistance are tested which is why Smith Elite lenses exceed the ANZI 87.1 and Mil SPEC ratings.


There's a fair bit of technology built into the Smith Elite range which includes anti-fogging technology that actually works, tapered lenses so you don't get distortion,interchangeable system.