From seeing LCD displays better to reading the putting greens better; from maneuvering roads better to tracking and hitting a target better there isn't a single active activity that wouldn't benefit from increased visual acuity and improved depth perception.

Sure, all sunglasses offer to improve your eyes performance in some way, butVedaloHD sunglasses differ from the competiton thanks to their exlcusive HDL-3C lens technology. You see, conventional lenses rely on a tint or coating applied to the lens to work, however VedaloHD's scientifically designed HDL-3C technology is actually built into each lens. The result? A lens that will make the make around you come alive through guaranteed performance.

How Does It Work?

The secret to HDL-3C lenses in VedaloHD sunglasses are their ability to equalize the color spectrum. This process allows our eyes to recognize color and chromatic contrast better and results in increased color perception and visual acuity. See the image to the right for a simulated view.

Who Are VedaloHD?

Loosly translated in Italian, VedaloHD means "it see's it in HD".

Thanks to their exclusive HDL-3C technology, the brainchild of Italian Dr. Graziano Marusi of Intercast Europe, VedaloHD sunglasses have become the premier eyewear of choice for the discerning pilot and those who love to be active. All of VedalhoHD's lenses are manufactured in Italy and exceed all official US, European and Australian optical standards. Each pair ship with a soft case and cleaning cloth.

Currently we stock the aluminum framed styles from VedaloHD which also happen to be their most popular.