Gatorz Eyewear with TruRay Optics

TruRay Optics - No Ordinary Lenses

Gatorz Precision eyewear are available with a comprehensive assortment of lens options, meaning you can customize Gatorz eyewear to meet your specific needs. All TruRay Optic lenses are impact proof and will block harmful UVA, UVB and UVC rays.

Image Series

No other lens collection allows you to customize your Gatorz shades as the Image Series ™ does. Available in a large variety of lens colors, dielectric mirror and gradient flash coatings the lenses not only look the business but they still provide all the safety and protection that TruRay™ has to offer.

Polarized Series

See the world with unparalleled clarity with Polarized Series™ lenses thanks to proprietary filter technology which only allows the uninterrupted light spectrum to reach your eyes. The result is bolder colors, deeper contrasts and ideal visual perception whether in town, on the water or in the snow!

Defender Series

By removing at least 90% of harmful high energy blue light whilst absorbing substantial red and infrared rays, Defender Series lenses will redefine the way you view the relationship between sunglasses and vision. Defender Series lenses reduce this scattered light color spectrum to harmless levels and can improve reaction times and hand-brain coordination.

Photochromatic Series

Our eyes are exposed to many light conditions during the day causing causing eye strain and fatigue. Photochromatic Lenses™ solve this problem by adjusting to the varying lighting conditions no matter what time of day, in-doors our out resulting in comfortable vision in a full range of light and dark conditions.

Shield Series

See clearer and sharper with optically correct and distortion free Shield Series™ lenses. These lenses will not only safe guard your eyes against high impacts, they also offer extreme comfort and 100% UV protection.

Action/Night Series

By enhancing contrast, Action/Night Series™ lenses will help you achieve maximum performance in specific sport and light conditions. Brown/Orange lenses are perfect for the trail or wooded canopy whilst Clear/Yellow lenses will protect against dust, debris and are perfect for blizzards and windy conditions.