Liquid Eyewear Guide

The Liquid Frame

Liquid frames are crafted from a billet of 6061 aluminum, a type of aluminum found in aircraft structures, yachts and even the chassis of the Audi R8!

The mechanical properties of 6061 allow it to be very easily extruded whilst maintaining a high tensile strength.

Every frame will be subject to numerous processes including grinding, sanding, bead blasting and hand finishing to ensure a quality end product. 

Liquid Durability

6061 aluminum is a very durable material and will happily withstand drops and impacts all day. With proper care you can expect many years of dependable use. 

Liquid's frames are also hingeless, meaning there is one less point of failure.

Combine that with user replaceable nose pieces, a lens replacement service (should you need it) and a Limited Lifetime Warranty and you've got one durable piece of eyewear.


The mechanical properties of 6061 aluminum allow the frames to be adjusted to get the perfect fit.

Adjustment instructions are included with every purchase.

Lets Talk Lenses


One of the nice things about Liquid's product line up is the availability of accessories including nosepieces, foam inserts, replacement parts and more.