Gatorz Prescription Sunglasses

Love Gatorz sunglasses but need a prescription? No worries. Read on.

Our prescription service is currently available on Gatorz most popular frames, the Magnum and Wraptor.

The price includes a new frame (if selected), your choice of a lab grade lens which is hand cut and fitted plus delivery.

Currently we offer three lens options:

Transitions XTRActive: A high quality transitional lens which is designed to protect your eyes from the brightest sun and harsh artificial light. More information, spec sheets and reviews can be found on Transitions official website. Its an excellent lens and an excellent addition to a Gatorz frame.

Shamir Attitude Lenses: High quality lab lenses specifically designed for wrap style frames. The Attitude lens is unique in that it offers optical performance of Base 3 and 5 whilst using Base 8 material with no distortion. More information can be found on Shamir's official website.

AntiReflective & Scratch Protection is available as an extra and comes with a 2 year warranty against scratches.

Note: Progressive prescriptions are not available. Near or Distance only. All sales are final.

Once your order is received we will contact you to get a copy of your current prescription and we'll take care of the rest :) Delivery is between 2-4 weeks depending on the labs current workload.