Liquid Hammerhead

Introducing Hammerhead from Liquid Eyewear, the aluminum sunglass that has no hinges!

The Hammerhead's hingeless aluminum frame allows for full adjustability by bending the end of the arms inwards or outwards to fit. The hinge less design also maximizes durability and longevity of the frame by removing a common point of weakness.

Each Liquid Hammerhead frame is hand crafted in the U.S.A. and is available with a wide selection of lenses. 

The Hammerhead frame is very lightweight and well constructed. 

Liquid Eyewear's Hammerhead ships with a cool microfiber cleaning sock and is covered by 1 year manufacturer warranty.

Select the Hammerhead if you need or want a large frame.

Checkout our Liquid lens guide.

  • Liquid's largest frame
  • Curved wrap style
  • For medium to large faces