Liquid T-Flex

As a product the sunglass fundamentally hasn't really change that much . Sure there are different shapes and materials but nearly all are made up of a frame and arms joined together by hinges. We're so used to it its hard to imagine sunglasses constructed any other way - until you see the T-Flex from Liquid Eyewear.

Please contact us if there is a frame color and lens combination that you would like and it is not listed.

They say that the best ideas are often the simplest, and the new "Temple Flex" concept on the T-Flex is exactly that.

Molded from durable rubber the Temple Flex hinge snugly hooks on to the frame and arms thanks to specially machined hooks on both the frame and arms. This unique concept not only provides stability but maximum flexibility not found on traditional hinged frames such as the ability to retrofit the frame with an optional goggle strap.

Size wise the Liquid T-Flex falls right in between the Player and Gasket, so if the Player is to small and you don't have a head the size of a barn to fill the Gasket the T-Flex is a good choice. Its also worth mentioning that the Liquid T-Flex is quite a lot lighter than the Player or Gasket. Personally I liked the lighter feel but others may prefer the heavier feel of the Player or Gasket.

The bottom line is that the Liquid T-Flex is a great choice if you want a light frame that auto adjusts to your head or a frame that can slip between a regular wrap or a goggle with the optional strap.